Charged With a Crime in Remsenburg, Suffolk County, New York

Being charged with a crime in Remsenburg is a major matter, and no person has to face the system on their own. When you are in a fight for your good name as well as your future, you may need one of the most professional advocates on Long Island in your corner. If you’ve been arrested in Ridge, NY we may be able to help.

Jason Bassett Criminal Attorney as well as his firm are lifelong advocates of those who may be dealing with serious criminal charges. As a former prosecutor with over two decades of criminal defense law experience, he understands the potential vulnerability of the accused in a criminal matter.

He as well as his Suffolk County, New York legal team understand the system and understand how to diligently safeguard his clients’ rights in order to help work toward the best possible result. We offer free consultations to residents of Remsenburg who need a:

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Mr. Jason Bassett treated my son’s case with respect, he showed empathy and was very patient with the many concerns I had during my son’s court dates. Very professional and if I have to use him again there would be no question that I would. I would most definitely recommend him.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Free Criminal Case Consultation for a Resident of Remsenburg Long Island

In a criminal case, a defendant’s short-term and longer-term future commonly depends in significant part  on their legal representative. This is a weighty responsibility and Jason Bassett takes the weight of this responsibility very seriously.

Good criminal defense requires that the defense lawyer understands every facet of the criminal charges, how the arrest was made, the proof or lack of proof, the prosecution’s tactical plan, and all the prospective options available considered that information. 

Whether it means working toward getting the charges dropped, working out a settlement  to lower charges, or getting the very lowest possible penalties in this situations, the task of a criminal defense attorney is complex and also requires comprehensive legal knowledge, perseverance, and a lot of experience.

As a former prosecutor, Jason Bassett understands what the prosecution is looking for, what is needed for an effective criminal prosecution, and also what the prosecutor may agree to under the circumstances. As one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Suffolk County, New York, Mr. Bassett brings his broad criminal law experience and also knowledge to every case he takes. He knows just how to tackle the most challenging charges and his record of success speaks for itself. As a resident of Remsenburg, Suffolk County, you might be unclear where to seek help. Call us today for a free consultation (631) 259-6060.

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Jason Basset was the greatest I must say! All of my concerns were dealt with and most of all he did his best to make sure I was happy with the decision. The respect and hard work he did for me will never go unnoticed.

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Obtaining the Support of a Skilled Suffolk County, NY Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a criminal offense does not just affects you. It will almost certaintly affect your family as well as others you love.

Being found guilty of a criminal offense can have life-altering ramifications, not only in the way of charges, as well as possible incarceration, yet additionally your future work, housing, and also professional opportunities may be affected as well.

If you are dealing with criminal charges in Remsenburg or anywhere in Suffolk County, it is important to get the right lawyer in your corner. Call attorney Jason Bassett at (631) 259-6060 or fill out the contact form to arrange a complimentary confidential consultation to review your charges.

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