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When the police determine they have probable cause to believe someone has committed a crime, under many if not most circumstances the person is arrested, taken into custody, taken to a police station, photographed & fingerprinted, and then transported by the police directly to court for an arraignment.  Under certain circumstances, however, people facing less serious charges can be issued a “Desk Appearance Ticket.”  Rather than being held at the precinct and transported to court, the person is given a piece of paper that provides a day and time they must appear in Court to be arraigned on their case.  Sometimes, the person receives the Desk Appearance Ticket by mail.  Desk Appearances Tickets are addressed in New York Criminal Procedure Law Article 150.  

An experienced criminal attorney can represent you as a desk appearance ticket lawyer and appropriately defend you against whatever charges are leveled against you. Desk appearance tickets in New York must be taken seriously. For a free consultation with top-rated Long Island desk appearance ticket attorney Jason Bassett, contact us now.

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What is a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT)?

A Desk Appearance Ticket or “DAT” is a court form that notifies the individual of their upcoming arraignment as well as the date and time that they are to appear before a judge. Typically, the arraignment date will often be several weeks from the date of the alleged crime. As of 2020, under any circumstances, police officers in New York must issue DATs when the alleged offense can be characterized as a category E felony or misdemeanor and the individual who was apprehended by law enforcement officers can provide government identification.

If you or a loved one has been issued a DAT, it is important to seek the help of an experienced defense lawyer right away. A skilled lawyer may be able to use their knowledge of criminal law and defend you in criminal court.  To schedule a consultation, contact criminal lawyer Jason Bassett today at (631) 259-6060

When will a DAT be issued?

Crimes for which a DAT is frequently issued include, but are not limited to crimes such as:

A lawyer who is well-versed in criminal law may be able to help you fight your charges and preserve your freedom. Desk appearance tickets should not be taken easily because ignoring them can lead to serious consequences. It is important to seek the help of a skilled criminal lawyer as soon as you are handed a DAT. 

New York criminal lawyer Jason Bassett has years of experience helping his clients face criminal charges. He may be able to use his knowledge of criminal law and skills inside the criminal court to help you create the best defense strategy possible for your case. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. 

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Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett Explains Arraignment and Desk Appearance Tickets

The typical procedure for an arrestee is to be held at Central Booking for approximately 24 hours before his or her arraignment. However, when a DAT is issued, after you have completed your paperwork, the arresting officer will allow you to go home and give you the order to return to court at a particular time and day for your arraignment.

An arraignment refers to the first time that you appear before a judge in court after being arrested. This is not a criminal trial. During the arraignment, the prosecutor will inform the court about the charges against you. The judge will then make a decision about bail. You have the option of being released with or without bail (ROR), posting bail, or being held without bail. If you are not present for your arraignment after you have been issued a DAT, a warrant for your arrest will be issued. Additional criminal charges may be brought against you.

If you plead not guilty at your arraignment, there will be several motions and hearings. The prosecutor might offer you a plea deal. Accepting the plea agreement means that you will plead guilty or not guilty to a lesser charge. This means, your sentence can be lower than if you were convicted for your original charge. If you do not accept the plea deal, your case will go to trial. However, if you plead guilty at the arraignment, the next step will be sentencing.

At your arraignment, it is crucial that you have a New York defense lawyer who is experienced in handling desk appearance tickets and well-versed in NY criminal law. Although arraignments are brief, important decisions have to be made. This includes your initial plea and bail. Your attorney should be present to help you make the right decisions so that your case has the best chance of achieving a positive outcome.

Failing to appear on Return Date in New York

After receiving a Desk Appearance Ticket, it is imperative that the defendant shows up to the court date. If the accused ignores the designated court date and fails to appear, the Judge will issue a “bench warrant.” A bench warrant is a written order by a judge commanding law enforcement officers to arrest the named defendant. Bench warrants are issued for those who fail to report or attend court. If an individual has an outstanding bench warrant and in any way interacts with a police officer, the individual will be taken into custody. That means if you are stopped even for a traffic ticket, authorities may find you have an outstanding warrant and arrest you.

If you have received a citation indicating that you must appear in court, but there is an unforeseen circumstance that makes it impossible for you to attend, your criminal attorney should be able to have the date of your arraignment rescheduled and prevent a warrant from being issued.

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The Desk Appearance Ticket Is Used To Bring The Individual Before The Assigned Judge To Begin The Case

The purpose of the Desk Appearance Ticket is to set a date for a person to be arranged, which involves entering a plea of “not guilty.”   In some cases, the matter can be resolved that same day. One possible resolution at this initial appearance is an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal or “ACOD.” If you are offered and accept an ACOD for your charges, after a period of time with no new arrests, the case will be dismissed and sealed with no record remaining. Matters can also sometimes be resolved with a plea to a lesser offense, often one that does not involve a criminal conviction.

If your case is not resolved on the day of your arraignment, the case will be adjourned for you to come back to court.  The case will go forward with your attorney continuing to pursue the best possible outcome for you and the resolution of your case, whether that be by plea bargain, dismissal by motion, or trial.

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Top Long Island Desk Appearance Lawyer Jason Bassett

When a resident of New York is issued a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) for a crime, he/she still faces the same possible consequences as they would have if they had been arrested and immediately brought to court. Hiring a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer who can advise and represent you through every step of the process is not only extremely important but is also critical to the outcome of your case. Contact the Law Offices of Jason Bassett Criminal Attorney at (631) 259-6060 for a free, confidential consultation.

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