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Being convicted of a criminal offense in New York can have a significant effect on a person’s life. While the actual penalty may vary depending on different factors such as the crime committed and the judge’s determination of appropriate punishment, even a conviction on a first offense can have serious consequences. 

Getting the legal assistance of a skilled Suffolk County criminal defense lawyer can make a great difference in helping you understand your rights and determining sentencing options applicable to your case. An experienced attorney can assist in building a tailored legal defense strategy, advocate for your best interests, and negotiate possible plea bargains to mitigate charges wherever applicable.

Top-rated Suffolk County criminal defense attorney Jason Bassett and his team of legal professionals have dedicated their careers to providing aggressive legal representation to Long Island residents who have been charged with a crime. We provide quality legal services at both the State and Federal levels.

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Suffolk County Jail Credit Calculator

When a person is convicted of a crime and sentenced to serve time in jail or prison, they are taken into custody by the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS). The Inmate Records Coordinator (IRC) in the correctional facility the defendant is detained is responsible for calculating the sentence time of the defendant.

The records coordinator has the responsibility of determining the amount of pre-commitment credit the defendant can have applied to their sentence. Pre-commitment jail time credit refers to the amount of time the defendant spent in custody before they were officially sentenced. Jail time is credited depending on applicable statutes and case law. This jail sentence calculator is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice from a qualified attorney. 

For concerns regarding the time computation of your specific case, it is recommended that you consult your attorney. Your attorney may be able to communicate with the IRC at your correctional facility and authenticate the amount of jail time credit that must be applied to your sentence. Your attorney may also be able to secure the documentation necessary to support the necessity of time recomputation on your sentence.

Sentences in New York for felony cases are divided into determinate or indeterminate sentences.

Determinate sentences or flat sentences refer to the category sentences where the maximum terms of imprisonment are set in whole or half years. Defendants with determinate sentences are released in terms of the law and are not subject to the Board of Parole. Once their sentence is over, incarcerated individuals would be required to submit to post-release supervision. The length of time of the supervision period is determined by the sentencing court.

Indeterminate sentences have set minimum and maximum periods of imprisonment. When the minimum period of incarceration has been served, the defendant becomes eligible to apply for a discretionary release consideration. If they are granted parole, the defendant would be subject to community supervision until the completion of their sentence.

Under Section 70.40 of the New York State Penal Law, incarcerated individuals may earn time credits off of their maximum term of imprisonment if they exhibit good institutional behavior.

What is the Less Is More Act?

The Less Is More Act is a law that aims to reform the parole system in New York to facilitate the reintegration of parolees into society more efficiently by heightening the burden of proof and limiting the sanctions when it comes to technical parole violations. It aims to mitigate reincarceration by helping parolees successfully complete their community supervision period.

In addition, the ‘30 for 30’ provision under the act allows parolees to earn 30 days’ time credits off their sentence for every 30 days wherein they are compliant with their community supervision rules.

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Getting the Help of a Skilled Long Island Criminal Defense Attorney

Serving time as a result of a conviction can be a complicated situation. It’s important to know your rights and make sure that you don’t spend more time incarcerated than you absolutely have to. Working with an experienced Suffolk County criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the correctional system can be instrumental in understanding your rights under the law and ensuring that your best interests are represented.

Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett and his team of legal professionals have advocated for the rights of individuals charged with a crime on Long Island – both in Suffolk County and Nassau County. As a former prosecutor with decades of experience in criminal law, Mr. Bassett has the knowledge of the judicial system necessary to build a strong legal defense and provide sound counsel.

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