What Defenses Do Insurance Companies Use To Avoid Paying Out On Claims After An Accident?

Last updated on June 15, 2021

After an accident, an insurance company will do whatever they can to either deny or limit their liability.

They will attempt minimize the injuries that you suffered, claiming that they really weren’t that serious or long-lasting. The insurance company will sometimes deny that you are injured at all, especially with soft tissue injuries which don’t show up on x-rays. They may point to the fact that you didn’t seek immediate treatment or make an immediate complaint to try and prove that you’re lying about your injuries. Injury claims are often denied based on a supposed failure to avoid the injury or failure to act reasonably to avoid making it worse (for example, delays in seeking medical attention). Insurance companies will often insist that some or all of the claimed injuries were “pre-existing conditions” and you’re just trying to take advantage of the present situation. They will scour through a person’s medical records, looking for any evidence that the person previously sought treatment for the same kind of injury. If they can find any, they will fight tooth and nail to not pay on the claim. An insurance company may even have you followed by an investigator who will be looking for any evidence that you aren’t actually hurt or at least not as badly as you claim.

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