What Should I Be Looking For When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Last updated on December 15, 2021

When hiring someone to represent you on a criminal case, you should look for an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who’s spent their career cultivating a reputation as an Exceptional Trial Attorney. The reason for this isn’t just because it gives you the best possible chance at a trial. It is also vitally important because hiring an Exceptional Trial Attorney forces the prosecution into a position where they have to make the best possible plea offers. If they realize that the attorney is not afraid to go to trial and can win, they are much more likely to make a favorable offer.

What Qualifications Must A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Have? Can Any Attorney Practice In Federal Court?

It would be a big mistake to think that the practice of criminal law is the same at the State and Federal levels. While anybody can practice in Federal Court, that’s a far cry from saying that everyone should. At the Federal Level, law enforcement is generally better trained and better funded. By the time they bring charges, they typically have already been observing the individual for some time and slowly building their case. There are important differences in the legal procedures in Federal Court with which a lawyer who practices solely in State Court may not be familiar. In addition, the Federal Sentencing Guidelines are very complex and very difficult to interpret, especially without experience. The Federal Criminal Justice System typically involves much longer potential sentences. You need an experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney who is ready to take on the federal government on your behalf.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Handling Federal And State Level Criminal Offenses?

I handle every case as if it’s definitely going to trial, and I handle that same case as if it’s definitely going to receive a plea bargain. This may seem like a contradiction and thus very few attorneys take this approach, but I find that it’s the only way to maximize the benefit to my clients. By treating the case like it’s certainly going to go to trial, I fully exhaust all means of discovery. I get every bit of evidence that the prosecution has or that exists anywhere else. Continuing to probe and examine the case has a huge impact on what kind of plea bargain might be offered. I also prepare as if the case is going to go to trial because it might eventually be your best or only option. You don’t want an attorney who’s spent the entire time hoping for a plea offer that never comes and at the last minute is scrambling to properly prepare for a criminal trial. By the same token, you don’t want someone who’s just rushing headlong into trial on every case because that might not be in the client’s best interest.

Because of this dual approach, prosecutors know that I am willing to take any case to trial and that I could potentially win any case. As a result, they will offer my client the best possible plea bargain. Because I also look for a plea bargain, the prosecutor will sometimes provide the evidence earlier than required or evidence that they may not have even had to turn over in an attempt to try and convince my client to take a plea. This ensures that I am as prepared as possible if the case does end up going to trial. The two approaches complement each other and help achieve the best possible outcome.

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